How to install window XP

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How to install window XP

Post by so sweet u r on Wed 18 Apr 2012, 1:23 pm

This will be a quick “How To” on installing Microsoft Windows XP successfully.

Here is a list of things you need to make sure you have before starting the installation.
A Computer/Virtual Machine
Windows XP CD/ISO
Valid Windows XP Product Key
About an hour+ of free time.

Step 1: Open the disc drive and insert the windows XP CD.

Step 2: You need to instruct the computer to startup from the CD so that it can start the installation, which is done by starting up the computer and pressing F12 and getting to the boot menu.

Step 3: Once at the boot menu you will see a list like floppy, hard disk, CD-ROM/DVD, or usb but the list will vary on what hardware is installed on your system. Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate to CD-ROM and press enter.

Step 4: Your computer will now restart and proceed to boot of the CD. You will be prompted to agree that you want to continue the installation, press ENTER if you wish to continue.

Step 5: Next you will see Microsoft’s terms of service, feel free to read it or press F8 to continue.

Step 6: You will now need to select a hard drive partition to install the operating system on. If you are looking to install XP over your current operating system (if not move on to step 7) you will need to delete the current partition, which can be done by pressing "D" when prompted to.

Step 7: You next need to create the partition for XP to install on, now you can set it any size but problems with XP have been had with a partition over 40gigs. With SP3 I've had no problems. Press "C" to create a new partition then set the space to 35,000-38,000 megabytes.

Step 8: After setting up the partition you will select the partition then press enter to install on it. You will next be prompted to format the partitions file system choose Format NTFS. This will take some time depending on the size of the partition its installed on. After it formats it will also copy installation files over from the disc which can take several minuets. After that is complete the computer will reboot.

Step 9: After your system has rebooted you will have to set up your "Regional and Language Options." So set those to your liking. Then press next.

Step 10: Enter your name or organisation, then press next.

Step 11: Enter a windows XP serial and press next.

Step 12: Put a name for your system, and make an admin password which is extremely encouraged! Then press next.

Step 13: Set up your date/time & time zone. Then press next

Step 14: Next you have to set up your network, unless you have a special set up click "Typical Settings" and then click next.

Step 15: Next set up your system on a domain/workgroup if your not sure ask your network admin, or just click next leaving it on "No" with "WORKGROUP." Click next.

Step 16: Just wait. Now it will configure and install windows XP. Which can take up to 30mins. Once its done it will restart the computer.

Step 17: Your almost done! Choose whether you want to turn on automatic updates or not then press next.

Step 18: Next it will check for Internet connectivity if you have something hooked up you can wait for it to attempt to connect or just skip it.

Step 19: Select yes or no as to whether you want to register it or not them click next.

Step 20: Choose the names for any of the accounts you want to set up.

Step 21: Thats it your finally done, click finish then get on your way with your windows experience.

Suggested Applications After Installation
Comodo Firewall
Malware Bytes

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