This article is about of looking a job. In which we want to tell the 10 Way

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This article is about of looking a job. In which we want to tell the 10 Way

Post by SILVEREDESERT on Thu 29 Mar 2012, 11:52 pm

Looking for a job can be a frustrating experience now a day. However, there are some ways to make things run more smoothly and increase you chances of getting the job you really want. We asked you for your top tips, and here are some of the best.

 1. An Interview

Even if you don’t get the job, and interview is always great experience, and the more you do, the more confident you will get and increaser you chances of success. Miss. Samreen Basheer student of PMBD01 says; what I find useful is to try and get as many interviews as possible., This way even if you are not successful in getting the job, you get to know about how to attend such interviews, the kind of questions asked, and the does and does not. Every interview is great practice.

 2. Think Positively

The best way to find a job is to fill your-self with a positive attitude Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad Administrator PMBD01 Says; “I say to myself, the job is mine when I am getting the job of administrator. Even if I m competing with 30 other applicants at some stage I tell the interviewer that this is my job, and I am the best person they could employ. It works for me. Being as confident as possible and positive visualization imagining yourself in you new role can be quite powerful in helping you achieve this.

 3. Information is the key for job

Getting to know the market you want to be in is a great way to gaining an insight into how to gain the employment you’re after Mohammad Waqas Ali a student of PMBD01 says I have been a computer section in-charge of a company for last 6 years and decided last year to study to MBA my plan this summer is to write to a numbers of accountants in my area. I am not just going to ask for a job but I am going to ask for advice. I am hopeful that even if there is no post available I may get some helpful point about where to look. What is the stress in job applications and what other advice they may have for me to succeed with no experience at all? It is difficult to get some one to give you a chance but it is my hope that someone out there will”read between the line” and pick up my enthusiasm and eagerness to become a fully-qualified M.B.A accountant.

 4. Looking for Vacancies

It is not always the case that the jobs are advertised. Sometimes a vacancy has just come up or the organization has been thinking about the expanding. It’s always good to let these people know you are interested in working for them and if they have your C.V. they may call on you in the future. Mr. Hassan Anwar an MCS VU distance learning student of PMBD01 says: I identify the type of jobs I am after the kind of niche I want. Then I explore the internet for related job vacancies. I also make the accounts of various Job providing sites that handle my required job.
Personals also visits to the different organizations to check if there are vacancies can also help as can asking for help from friends and family members through networking. Mr. Hassan also tell that he check with managers to see if there will be any such vacancies that I am looking for with in my present workplace.

 5. Getting More Skills

The more & more skills you can acquire the better your chances are of finding a job. Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad Administrator PMBD01 is an experienced person says that try to acquire skills in the field that you want to work. Go on training courses, E-Learning Programs and expand on your personal skills. A good understanding of the area you want to work in can also help you to create and design new ideas to be used by management. Try to be informed about any significant changes in the field you working and think of ways you can demonstrate that you are an ideal candidate for the job.

 6. Learning from the Internet

The internet has become an integral part for the job searching & is the ideal place of researchers. If you are looking to improve you interview skill the internet is one of the best places to go. When you access the internet you can find a lot of websites full of ideas and advice on interview skills and technique Mr. Shahbaz Ahmad a computer section in-charge of GEPCO (WAPDA) says; if provides you with all the common questions which job seekers might face on any interview. I believe that improving interview skills is very important for job seekers.

 7. Look the job Locally

There may be lot of businesses in your local area that could potentially become you new employers. Mr. Azeem Akhtar a potential student of PMBD01 says; I would spend a day looking up employers in our local area and trying to find out the names of managers. The next day I write my CV according to each company’s vision & mission statement and address it specifically to the appropriate manager. This way I know it should land to their desk. You may not be lucky enough to get a job but quite often you will be invited to go and chat with them. The more they get know you the more they will think of you when a vacancy comes.

 8. Searching the Jobs in magazines

Accountancy magazines are very useful not only to find out only to find job adverts but also to find out more about the industry you wish to work in . Miss Tayba Khushi PMBD01 MCS student says; that she is looking in al the magazines, Job newspapers locally and country wide. She says; that if you don’t find a job you can apply for you can writ to recruiters or the companies advertising to see if you can send in you CV.

 9. Make the network of Friends

One of the best ways to find out about jobs which are not yet advertised ore possible future vacancies is to get to know people in the area you want to work. Mr. Ghulam Mustafa a PMBD01 student advice tries to get to know managers and CEOs if you can and be in their good books. Before long they will start calling you instead of you calling them.

 10. Make a List

Knowing exactly what you want can be vital in helping you narrow down your job search. Mr. Abdul Raheem also a student of PMBD01 suggests, List down the search criteria such as salary location and job scope. Include the companies you wish to join get the details of the organizations ore have a look at their website. After searching for jobs that best match your criteria make a shortlist of the five that you like the most and have the highest chances of the getting. Prepare your resume and practice you interview skill and you will be well on you way to success in job Hunting.


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